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Dear All Customer,

MAHANANI Previously we informed that MAHANANI does not open any branches and currently only bookings through our Marketing in Bandung.

The way of ordering is as follows:
  Please contact us (to be able to come directly, telephone, sms, petrol, telegram) to confirm our truth and you should first consult the necessary equipment needs and our marketing will explain the needs of suitable equipment and then do the price agreement
  After price agreement make sure you have contacted our marketing before payment transaction process, transfer and so on.

Call direct marketing Mahanani :
Pic: Melia Tantri
Jl. Dukuh 1 Blok B1 No.17 Citunjung
Kel.Batujajar Timur – Kec.Batujajar
Kab.Bandung Barat – Jawa Barat
Hp. 0852 5994 5995
WA. 089679548169
Telegram. @csmahanani

1.  Booking with delivery system to custumer
       Select the desired server package, contact our marketing via Telephone / SMS / WA / telegram
     •  Be sure to only contact our marketing with the above person contact [fraud carefully]
       After the deal then make a payment via bank transfer to the account that will be given the marketing
       After payment we receive 100% paid off then the goods will be sent that day with the note we received funds before 10.00wib if after hours the goods will be sent the next day because it needs assembling, installing and setting
       For server software or equipment that does not require assembly, installing and setting can be sent from 09.00 - 17.00wib hours via J & T (daily)
       After the shipment process is completed then 1-2 hours of delivery receipt can be checked in web Mahanani with www.mahananistore.com or [click here] as proof of delivery and to track the status and position of the goods
       Provide a complete custumer destination address to make deliveries run smoothly
       Technical submission following applicable shipping service regulations (expeditions)
       It is advisable to use J & T delivery services because we have made partnership so it is easier and safer.
2.  Booking with custumer system come directly to Mahanani
       Booking server and other packages can also be made directly at Mahanani Place
       Customer please come directly to Mahanani with the address listed above or see the details of the location in googlemap below
       System order is custumer choose the desired server package [as needed]
       Make a cash payment or transfer on the spot [via ibanking / sms banking / atm]
       After the funds we receive then new items can be taken 2 days later because it needs to assembly, install, setting first
       If 2 days before have made a reservation and make payment in full custumer can immediately take the goods in Mahanani without having to wait.

With 2 above ordering system please choose which one is more suitable for the custumer to be considered carefully. Implementation of Setting and Provision of Technical Guidance After the goods received custumer then the next stage there is a final setting process at custumer location and continued the process of guidance of the operation of the system [training].

This process is done gradually using the internet remote system online [live streaming] for it when the remote process is required for custumer to connect a stable internet network [minimum 3G] to make the remote process run smoothly. After the initial setup and training process [approximately 1-2 hours], the custumer server is ready to operate and use normal transaction.

Service Time and technical assistance: Weekdays: Monday to Saturday 09.00 - 21.00 wib Sunday or National Holidays CLOSE Similarly, a brief description that we can explain hopefully can help start a pulse server business with the ideals can provide additional rizki barokhah for us all, amen.

Attantion :
• To avoid fraud on behalf of Mahanani please make sure to communicate only with our marketing on the above mobile phone number and in addition to the above contacts please do not proceed because it is not possible, Thank you.