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Technical assistance is only given to Member Mahanani (buyers first hand)
If the software is sold again by first-hand buyers of second-hand buyer to the technical assistance will be lost
Assistance was limited to install software, software settings, if any system error recovery and do not include hardware device settings, Internet settings, etc.
Setting hardware (modem / phone, etc.) are not charged extra disuply Mahanani
Technical assistance is done through the remote internet (TeamViewer)
Technical assistance carried out on Monday - Saturday at 09:00 to 21:00 pm Sundays and National Holidays holidays
Technical assistance is not no charge and is valid for 6 months on the part of buyers first hand
To re-registration dongle due to user error or hardware malfunction user charge registration
Technical assistance will be provided free of charge for 6 months from purchase
After a period of 6 months free technical assistance will incur additional costs in the amount depending on the level of difficulty performed (between 100,000 s / d 200.000)

Starting on May 1, 2015 Features Ticket BCA Bank Internet Banking can not be used because there are changes in the script of The Admin Bank BCA so that the features can be used is the Ticket Bank Mandiri and Bank BRI
If the customer wants to be able to use the facilities feature BCA Tickets can add the Add-on tickets to Mahanani BCA by buying from other sellers or price range Rp.350.000 (only BCA only)
Before making a deal / transfer with our marketing agarcustomer read the disclaimer
Thanks, regards OtoLovers Mahanani

Before we transfer please contact our marketing in order to ask clearly about the provisions we have stated above
If you have to transfer or purchase transaction malakukan we consider to approve the terms and conditions above
Contact our marketing persone by Melia in number 085722459292 or 085798059000